Swords and Sandals 3 Hacked


  • toggle health, armor and mana

    add cash


2 Little Helps in Swords and Sandals 3 Hacked

This gladiator fighting game is a lot of fun. Many game players like the idea and the simplicity of the game. Unlike other recent games, this is not an advance and complicated games. It is really the kind of fun we need. This game has been a lot more fun with several hacks. This particular one is amazing.

swords and sandals 3 hacked

In Sword and Sandals 3 Hacked, players are given with only two but massive impact helps. First, you should enjoy the toggle helps. The toggle is available to adjust your gladiator’s mana, armor, and health. This is an amazing help especially when the fight is going to be tough. Second, the hack presents you option to add your cash. It means you can buy more things like new armors and weapons to empower your gladiator. The hack is not meant to entirely help you with everything but it should be enough to win your duel.

Most hacks are made too much. Game players are offered with so many helps so the challenge is not real anymore. Everything becomes too easy for them. This hack is different. You still get the challenge and you still get to find your way to be a champion.

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24 Responses

  1. martinde01 says:


  2. florja_dr@hotmail.com says:


  3. kurac says:

    not working >:U

  4. not work says:

    2000 years later

  5. xXSwordAndSandlsPlayerXx says:

    i love this Game :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  6. Foliage says:

    Do Level Hack for this gam too!!
    That would be much funnier!

  7. big fat chit says:

    NO NOT I LIKE HOW IT IS the game wil block himself en the pc wil brake

  8. deez nuys says:

    bet the game at level 35 lol

  9. james says:

    good game I am lv 5

  10. catalin says:

    i play without hack to be hard i like it im on lvl 17 without hack for now

  11. nino says:

    I did not like this games

  12. isimsiz says:

    ben bu oyunu en son 210 da oynuyodum çok güzel oyun

  13. Ryan says:

    can you make a level hacking ?

  14. Kuukyker says:

    I can’t be unvulnerable when toggled hack with some big damagers like bosses, because they kill me in one hit and your regenating hack cant reduce that dmg to 0
    hope you fix it im pretty sad right now
    Also please give players a level hack so they can try out for new weapons.

  15. emre says:

    if add (add level button) that is better

  16. carlos says:

    nice is full version but have error in arena, when u reached the max level for the next boss, the arena is bug and u cant defeated more gladiators, is impossible continue without money

  17. Me Albert says:

    Yav, ne kadar uzun süre oldu

  18. nikt says:

    i z hakami i bez nie moge pokonac yetiego kotletego bo on ma chity 🙁

  19. Ki'289 says:

    Mam awarię w grze, ponieważ kiedy jestem po 1 czempionie, zacina się po jednej z walk, czekam na odpowiedź.

  20. oskax says:

    not working

  21. 恒达闫 says:

    I am Chinese ,I have this since I was a kid,I want Chinese language of this game , because I don’t know more English ,please talk me how have Chinese language of this game, if you know this method please call me email ,thanks.

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