Swords and Sandals 7 Hacked


  • All upgrades add more. No other hacks as they are premium content. Multiplayer removed. Score submit disabled


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Games battle Swords and Sandals 7 Hacked is the newest generation of Swords and Sandals game. This game is very popular and the development in today’s generation is so fast and rapid. The gamers will be given many challenges in this game. More than that, this game will make the gamer play more because this game is very attractive. The last version of Swords and Sandals offered the incredible moment and fun game to the gamer so the gamer can imagine the game.

swords and sandals 7 hacked

To hack this game, the gamer must has the cheat engine with the major version 6.2. and then the gamer can play the game and open the application of cheat engine and select the process to open or the computer icon in the top left side. Click the game.exe and open. Enter the value of the formula. The formula is the values subtracted with 2 and add 1. After that, add or subtract the amount of money, xp, or your items. Go back to cheat engine and scan the value changes. In this part, the gamer must still stay with the previous formula. After that, the gamer can back to the game and defeat the monster. After that back to the cheat engine and directly the value will be change into the next level. The maximum level is level 99.

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14 Responses

  1. Alexis Moses says:

    They Should Add Money for Hacks As Well.

  2. Bradley says:


  3. dato says:

    its a verri god geme

  4. Lex says:

    I Want Download This Game

  5. the champion says:

    whits hacks is this game sucks 🙁

  6. guryi245 says:

    ba da sa-mi bag piciorul ca nu mi se salveaza era sa castig jocul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wassap says:


  8. Ofei says:

    you guys dont know the hacks 😂

  9. Ofei says:

    you guys don’t know the hacks go to a reading class

  10. Jeff. The Critic says:

    so … this game is still the same after a few years … the truth is that this game had potential to be hacked … but …. apparently for these people it was easier to hack the points system attribute instead of the money system? … Honestly, I don’t know why they even hacked it this way, to tell the truth, I hope that the people or person who hacked this will receive a course on how to hack a video game, sincerely until now I am only talking about the game itself … but. Talk about the description? the description tells us that to hack the game we have to use cheat engine, specifically to hack money, levels and other things, but why? Here is a question: Was it easier for them to say how to hack the game with cheat engine than he or they hack it by itself? The answer is: Yes, it was easier for them than doing it because they do not know how to hack or they were or were very tired or lazy.
    to do it, but in addition to that, because I am speaking in Plural and Singular ?, well the answer is simple, I do not know how many people worked on this but I am sure that few and also with a very bad experience … Without anything else to say, I will give the game and hack a rating of: 6/10 1 for the very bad hack, and 5 for the game itself. Honestly very disappointed.

  11. none says:

    the hacks are that the points increase as you go

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