Swords and Sandals 6 Hacked


  • Infinite Gold, Health, All Weapons, Magic, Armor unlocked
  • Attack

    Use Items


    Full screen

  • Note: if there’s a problem with the game (Gray screen) just refresh the page.


Swords and Sandals 6 Hacked is an interesting game. The gamers have the special mission. The mission in this game of Sword and Sandals the series is conquering the territories and fighting against the other power or forces. The gamers must step out to the arena of the gladiator into the other fields. And then the gamers must lead hundreds or even thousands of troops to the battle. The troops will be sent to the battle to fight against the toughest and the strongest lord in the arena of the battle.

swords and sandals 6 hacked

To do the money hack in game Swords and Sandals 6, the gamers must some steps. The first step is the gamer must open the game Swords and Sandals 6 and then open the CE. After that, the gamer must go to the computer icon the corner in part of the top left. In that part, the gamer must click It and Go to the window list. In this section, the gamer can choose the program of Swords and Sandals 6 and make the character well. The next step to hack the money in this game is by killing the first guy and the gamer can multiply the cash by 8 and then scan it. After that, the gamer can kill or even lose in the duel the multiply of the cash by 8 and then scan the money. And the gamer can get more money by doing this hacking.

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  1. honzajaros says:

    lol win 9 arena’s XDDDD

  2. Anthony says:

    LOL =]

  3. unurbat says:

    oof this coolest game

  4. zazaza says:

    it’s not even swords and sandals!!!

  5. yeasin says:

    omg i past the lvl nd im done i endthe game

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