Swords and Sandals 4 Hacked

To play Swords and Sandals 4 Hacked, change the date on your PC to January 11, 2021 and restart your browser.


  • Unlimited Gold

    Instant Level 100

    Unlimited Skill Points


    Full screen

3 Freedoms in Swords and Sandals 4 Hacked

This gladiator fighting game is an interesting game to play. Until now, this game has serious number of active game players. The original version was already developed and added with more features and units as demanded by players. This time, you need to know about three other freedoms a hack can give you in the game.

swords and sandals 4 hacked

Sword and Sandals 4 Hacked has at least three new freedoms for game players. First, this hack allows you to gain unlimited gold. It means you can buy all weapons and armors you like in the shop. You don’t have to earn the gold through winnings. In this particular hack, it is also possible for you to reach level 100 immediately, so you don’t have to worry about losing the duel or anything else. Third, you will also get instant unlimited skill for your gladiator. In so many ways, this is how you instantly create your strong and unbeatable fighter.

Several game players may not like this hacked version due to the challenge decrease on the games. However, there will be many players who will enjoy this, worrying only about the fight and not the accessories. If you like the help those hacks give, you should try this version.

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45 Responses

  1. allstargamer ezra YT says:

    why does it take so long to load

  2. damien says:

    i know right

  3. damien says:

    i know right

  4. ANGEDEMON says:

    lol im kill 1000000 boss O_O and 500000 Friend :DDDDDDDD

  5. ANGEDEMON says:


  6. ANGEDEMON says:


  7. CriggaHiggaLigga says:

    It doesn’t even load. What a waste of time.

  8. oyununuz yükelnmiyor says:

    zaman kaybı sakın açmayın yarım saat bekletiyor sizi

  9. Arber says:

    After u reach level 2 it blocks

  10. dsada says:

    nasıl açılıyor

  11. Sagar says:

    Does anyone have an idea that how long does this thing takes to load ?!?!

  12. datboy_tonio says:

    meh its aight :/

  13. Reverse_Ghostly says:

    Its worth the wait guys! its so much fun 😀

  14. Reverse_Ghostly says:

    so fun

  15. bruh says:

    doesnt load, waste of time

  16. UNKNOWN says:


  17. BabanaPasach says:

    gra niechce sie zaladowac

  18. joe mama says:

    takes to long to load

  19. Copper Connor says:

    because it hasn’t update since 3-4 years AGO!!

  20. Chief Nomibu says:

    It has been 41 minutes, Yeah I timed it. It still has not done loading, it says preparing swords and sandals iv

  21. Chief Nomibu says:

    Still waiting has been an hour

  22. NeverMind6000 says:

    super slow load

  23. Scared says:

    Does it ever load????

  24. xX_PoopEater_Xx says:

    this game is good

  25. eeeeeeeeee says:

    it takes so long

  26. MATHHEUSSS says:


  27. user says:

    how much does it take o load 🙁

  28. manolo says:


  29. Rane says:

    I’ve been waiting for a whole hour it didn’t load at all.

  30. Max says:

    wassup guys

  31. LUL says:

    i had this game loading trough my night of sleep. i woke up now. not loaded yet. i slept for 9 hours.

  32. Mufasa says:

    Did it load for anyone?

  33. Pelopidas Discord:Lorfid says:

    yo guys reply if u are herei n the end of 2023

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