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New Features to Try in Swords and Sandals 2 Full Version

Among so many games to play, battle and fighting game is always on demand. It somehow has certain attraction to game players. When we talk about fighting, we will remember about gladiator, and so many game players will recall about this particular game.

Swords and Sandals 2 Full version is one of the most interesting games you should try to play. This is the second version of the original and it was made due to the popularity and new demands on game expansion. Even though it is not particularly new, it offers new features from the first version. The new things include tournaments and duel, ranged weapons and magic, and several surprises along the game. The basic gameplay stays the same in which you need to create a character, a gladiator of your own, for the game. You must fight to gain experience and gold and to reign as champion.

swords and sandals 2 full version

The full version game is a lot more fun because several locked features and modes are unlocked. You can try and exercise your gladiator fighting skill and your strategy through several modes and the game should be unlimited for you. If you like fighting game, you should try this online game.

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169 Responses

  1. Maarten Somers says:

    try for name: ,,, and press the “randomise” button when you start the game

  2. kian says:

    it wont let me play it

  3. yağız says:


  4. Jeffrey Alla says:

    it never saves why? Even after I pay at the church

  5. Nacho says:

    Nice game

  6. Tubieja says:

    Nostalgia :’)

  7. sebastian says:

    no me gusto porque me ponian jente de niveles altos no de mi nivel putossssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  8. David says:

    Anyone notice how sometimes you level up before the championship battle of the tournament and you add your skill points and then it disappears and does not apply. Its like your suppose to level up right at the end of each tournament but it comes early and then breaks the game and you lose the additional 4 points.

  9. niggawitThaBigBUtt says:

    this game is pretty shit and i clap alot of booty her i clap everybody because is too easy trash game hahahha ha ha ha ……..

  10. Kyriakos says:

    try Nameless and press “random”

  11. DePoepVanLaika says:

    this game hacks and it does all the time critycal if you have all of your armor

  12. martin guillermo says:

    put in name ,01 and press randomize to have better armour and weapons 🙂

  13. tao la hack says:

    nhu cuc dell hack dc

  14. DF says:

    Thank you for making this available to us!

    Reminds me of when I used to play the trial version of this game (and later cracked) in 2011!

  15. mario says:

    why magica so expensicve =

  16. Muraru Edward Cristian says:

    its a nice game 🙂

  17. Gabriel says:

    i try to save my stuff but it doesnt ! its annoying to have to restart your whole thing when you die

  18. ragnar paes says:

    coole game

  19. pene says:

    men is’t OP game

  20. Emil says:

    Mən bir uşaqam

  21. awdwa says:


  22. THIS website IS 100% scamming you says:


  23. Manjusha Abhilash says:

    not bad

  24. Emil says:

    Mənim adım Emil

  25. Quintinator1 says:

    man this game really dislikes commas

  26. eli says:

    cool game

  27. sevıcı says:

    gencler oyun bır mutıs

  28. yakup says:

    nasıl açıçcam

  29. Yavuz selim says:


  30. arek says:


  31. thad says:

    still hard game tho not gonna lie but suddenly i almost finished the game and my older brother finished it still good game and i like the mechanics on the game.5 star for me

  32. Philip says:

    This version is bugged to the extent which make it unplayable. For some reason, sometimes randomly, my actions aren’t actions of my character, but instead I get to decide what enemy character do, and in some other instances my actions are ignored for no reason; sometimes game is teleporting my, or enemy character in the answer for trying to make some unrelated action(I’m not writing about teleport skill, but, about just another glitch), and often, if I happen to land behind enemy, I don’t get possibility to jump, and walk in second direction(to the right side).

    • m7md7alabi says:

      bro the game is from 2007 and was not update since like 2008 so don’t expect much if you want to fix this goo to the companies site and call them which i will do today

  33. Timpan says:

  34. Ryan B says:

    this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ryan B says:

    this game is awesome!!!!!!!!! and it is aawesom e and it love iat i

  36. Irzaquliyeva says:


  37. Tavan says:

    Hocam elinize sağlık, uzun zamandır virüs bulaşma korkusuyla internetten full sürümü indiremiyordum. Sayenizde sitenizden swf olarak indirdim 🙂

  38. shadow killer says:

    bro the game is buggy i’m level 6 plus my points just don’t make sense i have to fix this error otherwise i will stay one level less

  39. joseph says:

    icant full screen

  40. tobias says:

    am cool

  41. lol says:

    game of the decade

  42. Ayden Hopkins says:

    the saving does not work in this game

  43. chunchunmaru says:

    i love this game since 2012 and know i am back omg i love this game so much

  44. Tim says:

    Good Game

  45. Gigi Becali says:

    Type [[,, for name and then randomize 8 times and you’ll get 2500 skill points.Before starting remember to change your name. I learned this cheat from my cousin in 2011.

  46. foxplayerCZ on ytb says:

    je to nej hra ale blba vec je to ze kdyz zemres musis to hrat cely oznovu u tretiho bose me porazil ale nezemrel jsem on me porazil ale nezabil me tak proc me to hazi o znovu kdyz me nezabil ze jo prosim opravte ty chyby dekuji

  47. jagjot says:

    very good game

  48. m7md7alabi says:

    flash will not be supported after december 2020 so can you please switch to html when it ends because i play this game since 2013 and i dont want it to die

  49. Benjamin Porter says:

    I can’t beat son of stylonious

  50. felisidadesss sos una verga says:

    ta bueno lo jugaba mi hermana mayor

  51. Mehmet Eren says:

    nasıl giricem ?

  52. cobra says:

    buen juego

  53. Kiro says:

    Why always Son of Stylonius kills me. I buy nice armour, shield, swords or axes i use poison too and this green pig always win. Please fix your game

  54. DennisChih says:

    Hey guys how dou u deala with the adobe falsh player problem 🙁
    I really love this game but now flash player is dead

  55. guilherme manfredi says:

    triste n ter mais o suporte do flash hj em dia, queria ainda poder jogar esse classico

  56. PHAnTom_xD says:

    This game wAs sOo gOOd

  57. a says:

    why did u have to leave flash?

  58. michael says:

    i want adobe back

  59. Sans jean says:

    Comment on fait mtn pour y jouer ? J’ai le démon sa mère

  60. kkrspel says:

    before the champion fight I always gotta fight some guy that is better then the champion with a 30 defence stat and 30 attack.. I can’t do shit against it trash game

  61. chunky boi says:

    rest in peace I cant play stupid ass microsoft is like oh so want to play naughty naughty

  62. benjaflow says:

    how do i play without flash player?? mmmmmm

  63. Davinia says:

    Please switch to html. If you change the date on the pc we still cant play it! Or make it possible to download it for free.
    Thank you for this great game!! We want to keep playing it!!

  64. OZAN CAN says:

    aga be bitti artık koca bir devir..

  65. Mircea Bogdan says:

    changing the date doesn’t help, i tried on chrome and it won’t let me load any website

  66. Murat says:

    Flash payer senin ben ta a*

  67. shifu says:

    this game is no longer playable goodbye childhood.

  68. mattdl says:

    How do we solve the adobe flash player problem?

  69. leoxd says:

    no puedo cambio el reloj y me dice que mi reloj esta atrasado y no me deja entra a la pagina

  70. dante says:


  71. Lucifer says:

    how to play now with Flash not supported ?

  72. Alex hamilton says:

    how come the game doesnt work even if i switch the date to jan 11th 2021 like you guys instruted to play? i hope this gets fixed

  73. KraLMami says:


  74. mia says:

    How to play this game without flashplayer? I love this game so much

  75. Wolfer says:

    I really miss this game, now that the adobe flash is gone…. RIP.
    I know it’s on steam but its not free unlike here.

  76. Michael says:

    The only was is to download from shady websites online or on ur or buy it for 8-9 dollars on steam or fizzy

  77. hate adobe says:

    please fix the adobe trash problem

  78. ses says:

    Get range weapon and its gg – i end these game with no armor and low range weapon

  79. bautista says:

    only problem is that when you hit you oponent witch an arch on the head hi will always died, fix that and the game will be great again

  80. There is this weird bug right now that makes projectiles one shot basically. kind of f-up..
    Please patch

  81. metin says:

    such great times … playing it on my ps3 rn

  82. Çağan says:

    why do slingshots shoot unlimited?

  83. Vitan says:

    when someone shot me with bow once game just lagged and i died

  84. bak321 says:

    why all range weapon kill in first shoot

  85. Saitama says:

    Sword and Sandals II : Emperor’s Reign

    Your gladiator score for today was 2873596.

  86. kutasino500 says:

    hi game

  87. kutasino500 says:

    ho game

  88. kutasino500 says:


  89. wow wtf says:

    I put 6 points to agility and buy the first range weapon and then 1 shot every single person and win the game. WTF

  90. ZH0SK1Y says:

    Fix the bug with the slingshot. When an opponent (or your character) shoots with a slingshot, unimaginable damage is inflicted on the enemy. Fix the mistake, because this is a great game

  91. Marko, David and Stevan says:

    There is a weird bug where the opponent can easily kill you with a ranged weapon of any kind. It just takes away 200 damage. Please fix this bug! Long time fans here (10+ years).

  92. julism says:

    malisimo lo jugue 3 veces y las 3 veces me mataron de una con un critico osea de un solo golpe naa perdi el tiempo. JUEGASO pero espero q arreglen eso si no imposible

  93. nye nye says:

    the range items are kinda op, the game isn’t that leveled together honestly kinda scks but ok..

  94. Yigit says:

    It is broken. all arrows kill in one shot including myself. everybody plays one hit.
    First arrow hit you got kills you. So is you arrow

  95. Eren says:

    man its demo not full version wtf

  96. chronicjam says:

    hello i was wondering if you could please fix this game, because i am trying to stream this game on youtube and twitch, but i keep dying and my viewers leave the sream.

  97. Cheater says:

    use slingshot
    its cheat
    it will kill all in 1 shot and every player

  98. Hacker says:

    Always get 6 agility then buy the first slingshot it get you thrugh the first tornament

  99. niigg says:

    wtf one projectile and ur dead they really need to fix this issue

  100. shislik says:

    The game is super easy and not fun anymore cuz long range have 100% kill rate.. It takes all armor and Hp don like you have nothing on you..

  101. hasse says:

    all bows and slingshots are broken pls fix ;(

  102. Anonim says:

    ranged weapons hit 10s of times, too many fps?

  103. ??? says:

    its realy easy to win

  104. Farat says:

    Projectile shots one shot because of a weird bug. LOL

  105. dominik says:

    can u please fix the arrow glitch please i beg u this is the best game ever

  106. Mario says:

    Termine el juego por fin jaja, el nivel maximo es 50!

  107. prisoner12 says:

    ni no szczyle zafajdane przestańcie w to grać bo w to gra maciek majewski pozdr 420 PDW PDW

  108. renis says:

    love game

  109. Toppat4lyth154 says:

    WTF I do a duel and then some dumass with a sligshot ONE SHOTS ME

  110. Maks says:

    thank you game i was trying beat emperor antares in 2007 and for now if its 2023 i kill emperor anteras 2 times so thank youuuuuuu oh and if you want to be cool do ,, and then you gonna get so many cool statics
    okay thank youuuuuuu

  111. vic says:

    please put the save option available, it didnt workkkk

  112. Wokke_1 says:

    i dont think its normal for taunt to use stamina ?

  113. rickballsnash says:

    get all the way to hechaos then the game bugs and cant run

  114. xd says:

    WTF the site shut down aaaaaaaaaa

  115. T.C says:

    Hello, first off your game is totally unfair, the level you have passed in the championship don’t even count, that’s pure shit, how do you want to play a game that doesn’t even count your win’s, please be able to fix your game. That’s the minimum you have to do when you are a developper. Thank you

  116. omero01 says:

    whenever i get 15 or 16 level i have an error oops something went wrong

  117. Myers says:

    How can i save?

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