Swords and Sandals 6 Unblocked


  • Infinite Gold, Health, All Weapons, Magic, Armor unlocked
  • Attack

    Use Items


    Full screen

  • Note: if there’s a problem with the game (Gray screen) just refresh the page.


Swords and Sandals 6 Unblocked the next level is giving the different and new sensation to the gamers. When the game started, the gamers will be put as the prisoner. In this moment, the gamers will become the prisoner with no reason unfortunately. Therefore, the game is increasing the adrenaline. The gamers must build the profile as well. The profile is useful to develop the level of the character. So the gamer will be the champion that undisputed. This game actually allows the gamers to who have got the character to deal with the duel and win the game by getting the money.

swords and sandals 6 unblocked

It is not a special thing to unblock the level. For the first time, the gamer must open the game Swords and Sandals 6. And then the next step is creating the character. Furthermore, the gamer can click in the top corner in the left side, the computer icon. And then click the window list and choose the game sword and sandals 6. For deal with the level, the gamer must kill the first guy and it can multiply the level 8 and then scan. To get the level, multiply 8 can be used and scanned again. To do thing trick, the gamer must get one, or two addresses and then directly, it can change into 400 and the gamer can unblock the next level and jump to level 50.

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