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Swords and souls is a mini game that is fun and it may be broken by the 5 RPG basic stats that are available for the gamers in the game as well. This game is all about accuracy, defense, dodge, strength, and also critical. By playing this game, the games can get many points in order to be invested in the certain character to make it stronger. And the character can withstand in the arena. More than that, this game is completed with the system of basic skill and the store. It can help the gamers to improve the character.

swords and souls

It is very possible for the gamers to have a house that can be upgraded by using the currency that the gamers can earn in the battle. The gamers also can upgrade the attribute of the house by selling the gold and the other experience. The gold and the experience can be got in the battle either. It is absolutely cool and great if the gamer can see the homestead grows by the progress of the game.

In this action game, the gamers can change the new fighter into a champion that can’t be stopped as well. The gamers must work with the special doll in the area space of training in order to hone the skills in fighting. The gamers can open the treasure box after the victory to get the shield, weapon, and the new skills.


Lost Children Locations

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