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The Ancient Fighting Game: Swords and Sandals

Fighting game gives you enough challenge and fun at once. This can be the same reason why most game players will lay fighting game. Due to its popularity, several fighting games were created and each of them has their own features. This particular game is enriched with ancient atmosphere of Romance fighting sport.

swords and sandals 1

If you call yourself a fighting game lover, you should try Swords and Sandals 1. This game is a basic fighting game in which you need to win several games in several areas to be the champion. In this game, you need to create your own gladiator and help him winning the games in arenas. Your gladiator will earn experience and gold. With continuous winning, your gladiator can reign as a champion. This is an online game so you need to play on its website. If you don’t mind about humble graphic, you will definitely like this game. It’s like a classic

This game is simple, not as advanced as current games in common. Through its simple gameplay, the game offers the most exciting fun we always get on fighting game. It keeps the core of the fun in simple package. You are going to love it like so many game players do.

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